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The Review Who Wanted to be a Windows Update

Small and functional. It wouldn’t take up much space as a flash drive app.

When you take a picture, it moves up a bit. (Not bad, but when you shape the window to fit your picture just right, and then it takes the top off… )

A ScreenShot of a screen shot.
I was going to take a picture, and then take a picture of the picture, and so on… ScreenShot can’t take pictures of itself, so here’s a ScreenShot of a screen shot I took underwater in Rubies of Eventide.

So, I’m wondering what to write my first review about… first thought is, “Figure I need a program for taking screen shots… Heh, that works.”

I open up Firefox, search through Download.com, and find ScreenShot … It’s free. Looking through the user reviews, “Easy to use… does its job… good user interface…” We’ll see.

Well, the first thing I notice is the download size… It’s only 316 KB. Nice. It took less than a minute.

I ran it… In as few words as possible, everything went wrong. Not because of Screen Shot, but because my computer’s auto updating hasn’t been working in a while. Two hours of pure frustration passed, and I had to help my parents with the basement’s remodeling… Specifically, taking down a cabinet and a Do-It-Yourself kennel. The headache from the computer and the headache from banging hammers on crowbars mixed… It was bad, and then my father and I lugged thirty eight-foot-by-four-foot fiberglass panels downstairs.

Four hours later, I’m sitting in this chair again, and the updates are working perfectly. Have I suffered enough today? Maybe.

It’s midnight. I’m going to bed…

Ok! 11 in the morning and I’m going to get this review written before my parents call for more help!

The setup has no complaints… Good. Everyday basic Install Wizard stuff… And it installed in about 5 seconds. Very nice.

Honestly, it’s more than I expected. The first things to notice are the very simple controls. There’s a button for capture, refresh, save, copy, clone, and clear. All but clone is relatively self-explanatory… Heh, that’s cool. I clicked it and suddenly I had another ScreenShot open with the same picture… and another! It’s also resizable, and you can maximize the window to take a picture of your whole screen. It even stays on top of other windows!

Any problems? A few little ones… You can’t shrink the size to be less than the menu. Also, when you take a picture, it moves up just a bit in the Screen Shot window… and you can’t crop it. After you’ve taken the shot, it stretches or smushes the picture to fit the window. Overall, not much of a problem.

So, it lived up to its reputation. Download ScreenShot.

… There is a paid version of this program, cleverly named Screen Shot 2. It probably has some extra stuff in it. Download ScreenShot 2. It’s free to try, $10.00 to buy.

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