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The Review who was Better Late than Never

Simplicity. You can put together almost anything quickly and easily.

Very little as far as customizing the look of your forms.

Here’s a shot of a form I whipped up. It didn’t say JotForm up top when I embedded it on another site… This is the preview mode, where you can take the form like another person would. They can be made as big as you want, though… within 10 Mb.

Really sorry for saying I’d review a contact form and then not doing it… Honestly, I lost track of time. I didn’t realize that I’d be at soccer camp nine hours each day starting on the 14th.

Anyway, I did a bit of research on the 13th. WordPress doesn’t embed things… I didn’t get what I was looking for, but I did find something nice.

It’s called JotForm. “The First web based WYSIWYG Form Builder.”

I’ll start with a quick overview. The first thing to notice is that it’s all on one page. No multiple-page, clunky builder where you have to fill out endless forms to get your own form built. Looking across the menu on the top, I’ve got New, Open, Save, Preview, Share, Source, Properties, and Form Wizard. You have to sign up for open and save, but I’ll get to that later. What I like Source. Now, if this weren’t a WordPress blog, I’d have a contact form embedded. No re-directs. With preview, you can fill out your form yourself (before it’s even published) just to see if you like it. Did I mention this is free?

Before I get to anything else, I’ll highlight another thing. This builder is incredibly simple… Drag-and-drop simple. There’s the normal things to add, like a text box or a drop-down list, but there’s also a few extras. I like the file uploader and the date/time picker. There’s more, but I’ll open the next menu. Power Tools.

There are a few things in here that I don’t even know what to do with. Auto Complete? Form Collapse? I guess you’ll have to play with those on your own. Captcha code is good, and the HTML box, too. You can even add images here. There’s another menu for payment tools (PayPal, etc), but those are self-explanatory. I can see an online store run with this, though. Click your items in the check box and enter your PayPal information.

The last sidebar menu is Properties. This can also be opened with the Properties button up top. Here you can change your form title, theme, font, and more. Or you can click on a field, say a text box, and edit the label, make it required, or change its size.

What really impressed me is the Wizard. It pulls all of the features together in a very easy, five-step system.

First, you pick your theme. This is very limited. Dark, light, blue, yellow, and Jot Theme… the last one is white with a fade-out, blue-thatched top (You’d have to see it).

Next>> Form settings. I can pick a title, change the background color, chose a font, and others. I like that you can either select a color on the right, or type in the code (#000000).

Next>> Email alerts. When somebody fills out your form, you can choose to have an email sent to an address of your choice. The email includes exactly what was submitted, and you can choose a custom subject to appear in your email box.

Next>> Confirmation email. When the form-filler submits, an email can be sent to them. (If you collected it.) You can customize the subject and body, and you can hide your email address. Mine sends a reply from Tae.

Next>> Customize your form and Thank you page. I like this, too. You can add a header and a footer to blend with your site. You can also choose a Thank You URL. When they submit the form, a quick page is displayed with your Thank You Text… HTML is allowed in it.

Finish. That’s it. You have a form. You can either link to it (Like a Contact Us link) and have it redirect them back to your site at the end, or embed it… WordPress doesn’t support embedding.

On the back-end, you can sign up for a bit more. For free, you can submit 100 forms (Up to 10 Mb) and receive three payments through it. Sadly, support tickets are reserved for Premium members (later).

In addition, you get reports. Input the time frame, chose your information (Only non-identifiable Date/time and IP), and pick your output. You can receive your information on the web, in Excel, and through others.

Next>> It displays your results in a simple chart. The date taken, and the IP. They should probably include something like the browser, but it’s free.

You can also convert forms to PDF, clone forms, and monitor payments.

What do you get for premium? Well, you can already create unlimited forms, and receive reports in anything… You have unlimited forms submitted, use unlimited SSL secure forms, and receive unlimited payments. You also get 1000 Mb of storage and email support added to your forum support. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel premium service anytime (It’s monthly… no pre-pay.), and they have a 30-day money-back guarantee… It’s $9 per month. I don’t see a point in it, because they offer so much for free. It’s your choice. You can’t advertise on them, though… premium or free.

On sign-up, they require a user name, your email, and a password. That’s nice… Some sites want your name, address, phone number…

I’ve written a huge review on it, but it’s really easy, and it includes lots of features that I didn’t find anywhere else.

Overall, great. You can build your own forms at JotForm.com

Check out some of my other reviews.

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