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The Review I Wish I could have Written Sooner

Another simple yet helpful program.

It’s only supported on Firefox. I could have sworn I had it on Internet Explorer…

A screen shot of Interclue's Clueviewer.
This is Interclue’s Clueviewer. It’s pretty hard to describe, so look at this when I start about it.

To start, this is a program that I’ve used for a while. It’s quick, and easy, and it really saves time when you’re scrolling through endless search results.

First, you hover your mouse over a link, then over the little Interclue logo that pops up next to it. That brings up their Clueviewer, which is a smaller box with the website opened in it. It cuts out all of useless stuff, leaving you with the text, thumbnails of pictures, statistics for the page, and some options: you can bookmark the page, open it in a new tab, or even open the next link down. That last one is the best, I think, because you can preview all of your search results without opening a new Clueviewer.

On top of that, if it’s an mp3, a YouTube video, etc, it opens those in the Clueviewer.

The logo that comes up after you hover over a link tells you what the website is about. Maybe the site isn’t safe, or the link takes you to another website. My blog’s link has the WordPress W next to it.

Also, you can customize almost everything about it… Really, the concept stays the same, but you can change fonts, speeds, size, etc.

Overall, there isn’t really much to review, but it’s really nice. The only downside is that it only works on Firefox… Other browsers are in the works. According to them, it’s harder to make an add-on for other browsers…
You can get Interclue at Interclue.com. They’re working on a subscription version with a few extra features… If you really like Interclue, they’re offering 100% interest on donations… Meaning, if you donate $10 now, you get $20 in Interclue subscription credit later.

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