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I mentioned earlier today in my Zipeg review that I had 45 views already… Today just ended in whatever time WordPress uses, and I got 77 hits! That’s just short of 10 times my second best. I wonder what happened…


4 Responses

  1. Congrats on the 77 hits I will be conducting the review either later to night or tomorrow … 🙂

    I just got done sifting through your site so I can point out some key factors for you and for anyone else new to blogging

    I almost forgot to mention welcome to WordPress!


  2. Thanks… for the review, and the welcome, and everything. 😉

  3. Your welcome!!! taeleth,

    Thanks for saying thanks 😀

  4. written a review on your site @..


    please include in your site, any of the HTML code present in the side bar of the above blog as a reward for my effort to review your nice blog.
    All The Best

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