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AWC2 is short for Advanced WindowsCare V2.

The Review that’s Second of (Hopefully) Three

It’s very fast. Scanning and fixing together took just under an hour, and you can see how much spyware I wasn’t immune to!

The worst is definitely the lack of automatic care and updating. It’s easy to do it manually, but… Well, that’s their perk for the buyers out there.

Here’s a picture of my scan half-way through. You can tell it works! 32,000 spyware immunizations!

So, I’m feeling ambitious today, and I need to do a tune-up… I’ve got another quick review here.

Advanced WindowsCare V2 Personal is a free program that protects, repairs, and optimizes your computer in one click! …At least that’s what they say.

It removes and prevents security threats, fixes registry errors, tunes-up Windows, etc. It also comes with system tools… the Yahoo! Toolbar ad is sort of annoying, but it is free software.

Ok, it prompted me to choose a language and it offered to automatically create a restore point. At the top of the home screen are tools, options, and a link to go back to your restore point. Under that are your system specs, and beneath those is a quick report of your status. There’s some advertising on the right side, but you can close it. There’s also a link at the bottom to upgrade, but I’ll get to that later… I’m going to start a scan.

…20 minutes. That’s a pretty quick scan for the amount of stuff it did… I guess I really needed it, though. On the scanning screen is a link next to each category for showing details. When you open it, a list of all problems shows up, and you have the option to check individual files, select all, fix problems, etc. At the top is a description of what the category is, and on the left is a box with your current progress… very easy interface.

All right, I’m scanned and fixed, and it didn’t even take an hour.

Overall, I can’t really tell if my computer is doing better, but it did get me 440 MB of space back from junk files, and it immunized me to 32,000+ spyware and adware files. It seems like a good program!

You can get Advanced WindowsCare V2 Personal at Iobit.com.

… For $29.95, they offer better repairs, tech support, auto-updating, and auto-scanning. Really, they say it does 85% better than the free version, but I don’t think that it makes much of a difference… It does a lot already, but you can buy it at Iobit.com.

Check out my other reviews.

Source: AWCSetup.exe (downloaded from Iobit), Iobit.com.

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