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The Review I Wrote in Five Minutes.

It allows you to view sites that you’ve approved even when you’re offline!

It takes a bit to download sites.

This is displayed when you click the Turbo button after installing Gears.

This is an image that I took with Jing. It’s displayed when you click the Turbo button after installing Gears. I didn’t know what to take a picture of, so…

So, here’s a quick review…

I looked up at the links in the top right corner of my dashboard, just under the blog info button… There’s one called Turbo. Clicking that gives you a bit of information and a link to download Gears. It’s an open-source Google add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer that speeds up page loading by putting files in a database on your computer.

If you choose to enable Gears for a specific page, it uses those files in your computer instead of downloading them from the web site. Also, those stored files can be accessed even while you’re offline! If you’ve enabled Gears for a site, then you can run it without be connected to the internet. Gears doesn’t only work on WordPress, though. It runs on a few Google applications, MySpace, etc. Opera 9.5 is also going to support it.

Anything bad? Well… If the site you’re approving Gears to store is of any decent size, it’s going to take some time. It took a good 5 minutes to get my blog done, so… yeah.

You can download Gears at Google.com.

Check out some of my other reviews.

Source: Wikipedia, the Turbo button.

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