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Zorro, the Review that Never Had a Mask

A unique program that does its job quickly and easily.

A lot of features don’t work. Edit: See edit below.
World 1... Jumping off of a cliff.
This is me back-flipping off of a cliff in Fancy Pants Adventures. I couldn’t take this with Jing because the black covered the sun that activates it… I worked really hard to capture this one just right, and it turned out that ScreenShot doesn’t capture the black from Zorro. So I cropped the picture to look better… Oh well…

Zorro is a free utility at GabrielePonti.com. It’s a lot like ScreenShot. You drag the window over your spot and activate the program with escape or your hot key, and then that area is all you see. When you’re finished with whatever you’re doing, press the key again and your screen is back. I say it’s most useful for playing at free game sites… Those ads are so annoying!

I just mentioned a hot key a bit ago… you can choose between the Escape and Windows + Z, Y, X, or W. Windows is the key next to the left Control button…There’s also a bit more customization. For example, you can choose the color of the “blacked out” area… Maybe you want it purple. The sizing can also be messed with; there are a bunch of pre-set sizes, and you can set it yourself like you would another window.

Apart from customization, there are a couple of other features. You can choose to blacken the inside of the box, along with a few less interesting bits…

This is Zorro's interface.
Like I said, the interface is a lot like ScreenShot’s.

Problems? Everything has problems… Some of its features don’t work correctly, or at all. Don’t bother trying to minimize it to tray, or hide/unhide the task bar. Neither of those work. A bigger problem is that if you choose to fit Zorro to a maximized window with its “fit to screen” ability, you’ll have to use the Control + F hot key to fit it to a smaller window so that you can see its menu again and change the settings.

Edit: It seems that I didn’t understand the workings of the “minimize to tray” option. You have to click “minimize to tray”, and then you need to actually minimize the program. I still haven’t figured out “hide task bar”, but it’s probably me. Thanks to the author for pointing that out!

So, maybe you have a gaming habit, or you want to focus on a section of your screen. Zorro takes care of it.

Download Zorro at GabrielePonti.com. There isn’t much for a software description there, but it’s a nice, small file.


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2 Responses

  1. People should be sharing more free things like this. Its what keeps the Internet buzzin’.

  2. šŸ™‚ I’m glad you like it.

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