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Send to Toys, the Review that Filled My Toy Box

If any of you are like me, you don’t like to waste time organizing your files… I do it anyway, just because I want to know where my files are. This one makes it quicker and easier to put files in their place.

Custom destinations in the Send to… menu.

It doesn’t send the original. It makes a copy and sends that.
This is a picture of the
Did the idea of a “tree of files” confuse you? I didn’t know how to describe it… It’s my best shot. Anyway, this is what I’m talking about.

Sorry for making you wait all afternoon for this review to come out… I didn’t like going to practice this morning, either.

Anyway, Send to Toys is a free program that fixes up the Send to… menu. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Right click a file, and look down the list. Windows gives you Send to Desktop, Send to Zip, etc, but Send to Toys allows you to determine where you want it sent, among other pre-set things. I used the unmodified Send to… option to put .txts from my Desktop for easy use to My Documents for filing. Now, I don’t have to put it in My Documents, then drag it into a sub-folder, and then another sub-folder. Now I don’t have to; I can send my files directly to their sub-sub-sub-folders.

Here’s a list of pre-set destinations…

  • Secure file Deletion
  • Clipboard (as name)
  • Command Prompt (as directory)
  • Default Mail Recipient, Favorites
  • Folder
  • Mail Recipient
  • Quick Launch
  • Recycle Bin
  • …and Run (as directory).

These pre-sets, except for Folder, aren’t the main focus of my review… they aren’t that great… You can add your own option, and you can browse a tree of files to choose your target. Those are what’s important.

Adding custom destinations is easy. You use Configure Send to Toys.exe that comes with the installation. That’s where you change the settings for all of Send to… and where you can manage all of the choices, including the ones that weren’t installed with Send to Toys. You click Add, and then browse for the destination that you want a Send to… option for. Right now I’m making one for my Reviews folder and removing the other targets that I don’t like… Send to Recycle Bin, etc.

Sending files to Folder… is just as simple. Click Send to Folder…, browse through the sub-folders of your computer, and select where you want it. That’s the best point, I think, because you don’t know where you’re going to put everything, and Send to Toys lets you pick places individually.

Files are sent instantly, too. The only problem I find is that it doesn’t actually send them; it copies them and puts a copy there. That’s ok, I guess. I just check to make sure that the file was sent, and then I delete the original.

All in all, this is a really useful program… at least for me. You can download Send to Toys at GabrielePonti.com. There’s a lot more software description on this one.

Source: GabrielePonti.com

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