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ObjectDock, the Review that Rid Us of Start

So, I was chatting with Teck earlier today, and some really nice software came into the conversation. This one replaces Start… or at least cleans up your desktop.

Doesn’t take any space until you need it, and it goes away as soon as you’re done.

No LAN status docklet…
This is part of my ObjectDock.
Sadly, I can’t catch this one in action. You’ll have to deal with a shot of it just sitting there.

I have to say that I don’t use this to get rid of Start. If I come across a docklet that monitors my LAN status, I’m there… But until then, I’ve got mine hidden away up top with my favorite shortcuts. Now on to the review!

ObjectDock is amazing… just putting that out there. Not only can it replace Start; it saves screen space and looks cool at the same time! To give this review a bit of structure, I’m going to start off with the main idea… It’s a free application-launcher by definition, but it does a lot more.

What’s a whole lot more? Well, you can clean up your desktop, arrange and remove things by drag’n’drop, make it disappear, find out the weather, keep track of the date, and more all while taking up less space than Start. It works using icons called “docklets,” in a dock. Some docklets work by hovering, and others work with clicking, but it’s really nice either way.

Did I lose you with that last bit? I’ll go over it…

  • You know how annoying it is to search through Program Files for something you use over and over, so shortcuts were made. The problem with shortcuts? They cover up your beautiful desktop! Until I discovered ObjectDock, I fixed this by keeping a folder, but I don’t have to anymore! You can arrange the most used files in your dock.
  • This is the simplest, still-useful thing. You can add, remove, and rearrange docklets by drag’n’drop. It’s a nice little feature.
  • And for my next trick… Not really. You can set ObjectDock to hide off-screen until you hover your mouse where you’ve got it. That way, it takes up no space until you want to use it, and it goes away as soon as you move the mouse away.
  • I used to have a weather program running in my task bar… I don’t anymore. ObjectDock comes with a quick and easy weather docklet. Its icon is your current weather, and it displays a five-day forcast when you hover over it.
  • It also has a bunch of included docklets, a calendar and clock being the most useful… others include My computer, My documents, Internet, e-mail, etc.
  • …And like I said, you can have it take up no space until you need it. That’s the best part!

This shows part of the options.
There… Look at all of those options.

All right… There’s still more. The part that makes and breaks software like ObjectDock is customization… You can add your own shortcuts, edit size and performance, download countless free icons, skins, etc at WinCustomize.com… And on top of all that, you can make your own docklets. Using their software development kit, you can create docklets like the ones included. Scroll down, the kit is below the features.

… I always like to throw in what I think is wrong with the things I review. The only bad thing I can think of is an utter lack of a LAN status docklet. If I had one of those, I wouldn’t still have Start down there… Oh well. If any of you feel inspired to create one of these, you would be my hero. 😛

According to them, it’s going to keep being improved… I hope it works in my favor. You can download ObjectDock at Stardock.com.

This is another software with a paid version that I can appreciate… For $20, you can open multiple docks, use tabs, and more!

Source: http://www.stardock.com/products/objectdock/

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3 Responses

  1. Hello Taeleth,
    ObjectDock sure is a nice app to organize your desktop
    with I see you like as well ….

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