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Launchy, The Review with a Nickname

You know what it’s like… You’re searching for some program that you don’t use very often, and you can’t seem to find it anywhere. Search takes forever, so most people just keep looking through their files… This one saves you that time, and it does even more.


Finds the program, not the folder with the company’s name on it.


Some of the skins don’t work on Linux

This is Launchy

Small and effective… Quick and easy… You get the point.

Yesterday I posted about ObjectDock, the one that saves time with programs that you use a lot. Well, sometimes you need to use a program that you don’t use a lot, and ObjectDock can’t hold them all! That’s where Launchy comes in. It’s a free program that searches your computer way faster than Search, and it does the job better.

What do I mean by way faster? Well, you can determine what types of files it looks for, and where it looks for them. That alone speeds up the process because it doesn’t open up every type of file imaginable just because it has a similar word in it. I’ve got mine set to search C:\ for .exe and My Documents for .doc, .txt, .png, .bmp, .jpg, and .mm. This way, I can find all of my favorite programs and all of my document-related files… without finding anything I won’t use.

On top of that, it begins searching immediately when you type. When I open it and type “calc,” it’s already figured out that I want a calculator, and it brings it up, ready for running. Not that I need it… Launchy comes with a calculator, along with some other things.

Launchy doing a conversion

31,556,926… Wow.

Like I said, it has a calculator. Type in 2+2, and it will tell you four. Type in 5*(11-1), and it says 50. Even more, ask it 5 pounds in ounces, hit enter, and re-open it a few seconds later to see 80 ounces. Now, that last one requires that you give it the keyword “GCalc” and then press tab before you ask. It runs it through Google and gives you the answer.

What else does it do?

  • Type in Wikipedia, press tab, and then search for Launchy.
  • Search for “cmd” and you open the command line… Boring? No. You can make more just like it. FF for Firefox, maybe?
  • Weather + tab + zip code = your local weather, courtesy of Weather.com.
  • Find any application… MSPaint, for example, but don’t press enter. Press tab instead, and then search for a file to open with Paint.
  • Don’t like the plug-ins? Want to make your own? Check Launchy.net and the forums for help.

There’s a ton of options and even more user-made skins, since Launchy is open source. Check the forums and deviantART for that.

Launchy's options

I’d say there’s more than a ton, but I can’t exactly weight them, so…

Ok, I’m running out of ammo, but there’s still a few little things left to go about. First, Launchy almost always finds what you’re looking for. If it finds the wrong thing, wait a second, and a drop-down list of all related files shows up… it even guesses when you’ve spelled something wrong. You can set it to run off of a flash drive, and you even open and close it with a hot key… alt + space for default. It pops up quick, too.

So, here I am rambling about Launchy, and I know you’re waiting for what’s wrong with it… I didn’t find anything, and the only thing they tell you is that some of the skins don’t work on Linux. Heh… that’s terrible, huh?

Launchy is another amazing program that saves time and more… Download it at Launchy.net.


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