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Manage Your Social Life: Digsby

So, I was wishing that Live Mail would alert me of email like AOL does. This one takes care of that and more…

Puts everything in one, small, easy-to-use window.

A few minor annoyances… system tray icons, etc.

This is Digsby

Digsby is a multi-protocol, email-alerting, social-network-alerting, time-saving piece of free software. I’ll slow that down a bit.

  • Multi-protocol: It works across all services: AOL, MSN, Yahoo, IRC, etc. You can set it up to work for just about all communication.
  • Email-alerting: When you get an email, it tells you so.
  • Social-network-alerting: When something happens on your social network, it tells you so.
  • Time-saver: Compose email, IM your friend, send files, view profiles… all in Digsby.
  • It’s awesome: end of discussion.

So, now that you know what it is, look at this:


He’s the reason Digsby caught my eye. Look at him!

I’m going to add some major structure to this one, particularly because it’s so big. It’ll go in this order: Buddy List, Menu, IM Window, Alerts. Ok?

Buddy List

Buddy List

I’m going to start out with that fact that, although it’s packed with features, it’s easy-to-use and even easier on the eyes. They use a tabbed interface with slide-out windows when you hover over spots. My Digsby window is smaller than my AIM one, and it does a lot more.

In the Buddy List, you can manage email, transfer files, IM, and text message. These come up all at once when you hover over a contact.

Splitting it up more, in the email you can compose, delete, spam, etc… just like an actual email client, except it’s Digsby. There are two things that I dislike about the email: one, you can’t open email… you can preview title, subject, and a bit of text, but you can’t open the whole thing; two, it puts an icon in your system tray for each email account. That’s kind of useful, because it gives you check, compose, and inbox options by right-clicking, but I think it’s annoying. Opening your inbox brings you to the website… Webmail.aol.com, for example.

File transfering, IM-ing, and text messaging all work the same: when you click one, a window comes up, and you decide what to do. Simple, and I like it.


Preferences Window

I’m going to spend just a bit on the menu. It’s at the top of your Buddy List, and it gives you some things that you can’t get other places in Digsby. First off, everything that you can do with the menu takes you to the same, multi-tab window. You can access it through Tools >> Preferences. There, you can edit your layout/colors, fix your settings, manage the program… you get it.

IM Window

IM Window

It’s a lot like any other IM window, but it’s from Digsby, so it’s better. At the top you have info and call, along with all of the other options I listed for the Buddy List. The IM Window is tabbed, too. Click on something, and you get it in the same window. Info is the user profile, and call allows you to use an audio/video call through Digsby.com. Fonts, etc, are completely custom, it records all of your history… you get it.


This is a nice little bit they put into Digsby. Whenever anything new happens, and when you sign in for the first time of the day, you get an alert in the form of a rounded, black box in the bottom-left corner. If it’s an IM, you can reply there… the original text sent is shown, as well as a few lines of conversation. When you’re done, it disappears. If it’s email, you can use the previous/next arrows to see previews. I’m not sure about the social networks, since I don’t use them, but I bet it works the same: it shows you what’s happening, and it links to it.



I mentioned being able to respond to your IM alerts… that’s awesome. I always find it annoying to pull up a big, clunky IM window to respond to people, especially since it can take away from whatever you’re doing, and my old computer takes a bit to load the previously-minimized chat.


Digsby is amazing. It’s completely replaced my email and chat clients, because you can do everything in it. It’s small, so it doesn’t slow my computer. You can even have a chat widget for your website… except it’s an embedded source code, so it won’t work on WordPress…


I definitely recommend this one. Download it at Digsby.com.

Source: Digsby.com, Digsby.com/features.php.

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2 Responses

  1. You can find the wordpress plugin here:

  2. Hi and thanks for commenting!

    See, that’d be great, but I run on WordPress.com… I’m a bit limited on plug-ins and such.

    I guess I should’ve been more specific when I said it doesn’t work on WordPress. 🙂


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