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Sunkist Sable

Courtesy of Vegan T at Flickr: Link

So, I wasn’t this careless, but it was close. As delicious as Sunkist is, you know the saying: “Don’t drink pop at the computer.”

Yeah, about that… I spilled a bottle of it on my keyboard. It wasn’t the whole bottle, but it was enough to ruin it… Great, right?

So, here I am posting with my mom’s keyboard… Fine and dandy, but I’ve got to give it back after I update you.

… As slowly as my reviews have been coming in, they’re going to stop completely until I get a new keyboard. That’ll probably be this weekend. Hopefully.

I really wish Firefox would figure itself out so that I can post about it… especially since I planned on making a post specifically about some of the more or less useful extensions… and the ones I use.

Completely off topic: My cat looks just like the one in the picture. I swear. That’s why it caught my eye and I decided to put it up top in this post. She lies on her back and everything. 🙂

So… yeah. That’s that.


One Response

  1. Dude that sucks 😦 I have a laptop so spilling pop
    or any other liquids for that matter will result
    with me not having a computer till the keyboard got –

    Since you mentioned Firefox extensions I wrote up an
    article yesterday of the 6 recommend FF 3, extensions
    I found worthy of mentioning in the post.

    Article: Top 6 Recommend Firefox 3 Plugins

    P.s. The cat looks like our cat Lucky,

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