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My Blog

I started this site because I decided to start writing reviews in June of ’08. I’ve liked trying out new software for a while now, and I like to write, so it seems perfect.

It’s easy to see that most of my reviewing is highlighting the good points… That’s because I try to find good software to review! I don’t want to be all negative and complain about all the bad programs I find… I want to enjoy myself, and it happens to benefit the people who read this blog!
I write at least one review each day. That’s how I keep people coming. Some days I’ll be ambitious and write two reviews or a few mini-reviews, but you can pretty much expect something new each day you come unless I let everybody know that I can’t.

I’ve still only been going at this for about two months now, so don’t hesitate to give me help or advice if you’re thinking about it.

So, that’s what this site is all about. I hope you enjoy it!


I’m Brandon. I’m not really the topic of this blog, but I think it’s good that everybody knows a bit about me.

I’m a soccer-playing, musically-inclined junior. That’s what I tell everybody, at least. What does that mean?

Well, let’s go through a quick version of a normal day in the life of me. I wake up six hours before I’d like to, get ready, and ride a bus to school. Yawn… I’ve always done well in school. I hardly have to try… except in English. Some would call it Language Arts, but either way it’s the subject that I like, and the only really challenging one. Sure, 2 + 2 = 4… Yeah, cells make up people… I know that George Washington was the first president. I like the freedom of English. It’s less “2 + 2”, more “What do you think?”

I also play trombone. I know, some of you snicker and say “band geek,” but I don’t really fit into the “one time at band camp/most everybody is weird” group… I like jazz, play solos whenever I can… and I’m good at all of it, too. Let’s see somebody else carry a 10 pound piece of brass, actually play the right notes, and move around in a formation all while a crazy director is screaming at him…

Anyway, I’m not really looking forward to the coming year, with all its tests and such…

Then school finishes and I’m on the field. The field is good, too. I play outside forward, which gives me lots of dribbling and shooting. Perfect. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’m pretty good at both of those.

When that’s over with, I like to come home and mess around with my computer. I’m not much of a hardware guy… it’s really confusing. I used to play a lot of internet games… that’s where Taeleth came from… Now I spend more time than normal checking out new software.

The latest edition of my life is blogging. Here at WordPress, I tie together a lot of me… I play with computers and I write about it. Call me simple, but those two things make up a lot of my life, and it’s a very open-ended system. If there were a way to work in standing on the opposite side of a net and some defenders, it would be even better… but it’s good how it is.

… And now you know me. Most of me anyway. I like peanut butter, hate  when people complain about things they cause, like turning left more than right, and choose to do things my own way whenever I can.

Getting a Hold of Me

So, you want to find me? That’s fine… I’ve got accounts in more places, but I’ll give the ones I’m active at.

I’m having a bit of trouble with BlogCritics… soon to be fixed… and I plan on getting into BlogCatalog at some time or another.

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