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Legal Stuff

Don’t Steal!

My content is mine… Go figure! Really though, I reserve rights to everything I can. I mean, the software isn’t mine, and neither is the theme of my site, or the widgets that I use… but anything that I’ve typed or otherwise created is © me at taeleth.wordpress.com in the year that I created it.

No “scraping.” I’m usually a nice guy, but I have the right to do a lot of things, most of which are expensive on your part. Don’t make me.

Now, you can still use excerpts of my content on your blog or website, that’s covered by fair use. In fact, I’d be happy if you shared my reviews with your readers… but keep it as minimal as possible. If it’s more than a link to my site with two or three sentences below it, it’s stealing. I expect a link in an easy-to-notice place, and make sure the readers know it’s mine. Don’t just put half of my article in quotes.

If you aren’t sure, or you want my permission to do something otherwise illegal, use my contact form and be specific!


I’ve got an e-mail subscription set up through FeedBurner… I never see your e-mail address. In fact, all I see is that fact that somebody signed up. That’s nice to know, but it’s nothing on your part.

I also have a contact form. In that, you have the option of submitting your name and e-mail address. Of course, I get that information if you send it to me. If you want a response, your e-mail is obviously needed, but know that I would never give it (or your name ) to anybody else… Well, unless I were required to by law, or something like that. Anyway, I hate spam as much as anybody else.


I’m not exactly sure how I should say this, because I want everybody to comment when they want to. Don’t comment unless it pertains to the article. Don’t stuff keywords in it. Don’t comment with profanity. Don’t comment with very many links… I suppose that’s a good way of putting it. I’ve got a Guestbook if you just want to say hello. If you have an honest-to-goodness comment, don’t think I’m going to get upset over it!

That’s that. Thanks for reading.

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