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Be Accident-Proof: Restoration

Ever accidentally deleted a file from your flash drive? I know how you feel. Continue reading


Replace Your Clutter: RocketDock

Just a bit ago, I wrote about ObjectDock. It’s great and all, but having another dock from them costs money… So I went looking. Continue reading

Boss Around Your “Boss”: NowDoThis

Now, this one isn’t that much, so I’m not going to give it a full review. Really, I just stumbled on it and thought it deserves a bit of attention. 🙂 Continue reading

Clean Everything You Want: CCleaner

This one cleans everything so well, you have to be careful! Make sure you know what you’re telling it to delete! Continue reading

Mind Mapping and More: EDraw

Not too long ago, I wrote about FreeMind, a simple, everyday mind-mapping software. That’s good and all, but what if you want more? Want to make a street map? Show a process? Use pictures? Read on. Continue reading

Defrag Your Disk: Defraggler

It’s always terrible. Your computer starts slowing down, usually a few months after you do it, and you realize it’s time. You need to defrag… This one gets the job done in pieces, even in the background, so it isn’t so difficult. Continue reading

Launchy, The Review with a Nickname

You know what it’s like… You’re searching for some program that you don’t use very often, and you can’t seem to find it anywhere. Search takes forever, so most people just keep looking through their files… This one saves you that time, and it does even more. Continue reading